'Horsemanship is nothing more than

a series of good habits' 

Pat Parelli

What to bring to your Parelli Clinic!

Participant Requirements
Getting Started

Please bring along with you;

A Basic Equipment kit - Natural Halter, 12ft Line, Carrot Stick and 6ft Savvy String. If you're just starting out, you'll find it in your long term benefit to purchase via the Parelli Webshop rather than local look-a-like equipment types. This comes back to the quality & weight of the materials, which therefore affect your use & the equipments length of life. You can visit the Parelli Webshop HERE


Riding Clinics

Please bring along with you;

Saddle, saddle pad, shims if you have them, bridle or natural hackamore, heeled riding boots, and helmet meeting Australian Standards.


Advancing Courses

Please bring along with you;

You may require a 22ft line/45ftline, an extra Carrot Stick, Natural Hackamore/Snaffle Bridle/Cradle Bridle. A bareback pad is optional.


Horse Requirements

You'll be responsible for feeding & caring for your horse whilst at the Course. You may need feed & water buckets, hay net etc.

Facilities usually provide a rake & wheel barrow for cleaning up after your horse. Some facilities offer a yard for horses, some are stables with sawdust provided etc. You may wish to bring an electric fence to set up if you like. However, not all facilities allow these. Horse yards/stables can be an additional cost at some facilities. Approx $10 - $25 per night. Please check with Carmen.




Camping is usually available at most facilities used, with toilets, hot showers, some type of kitchen area. Please call me to confirm at your specified venue. Camping is an addition cost, usually between $10 - $20 per night. Its often very relaxing at the end of the day to put your feet up and relax with your horse, or enjoy a good chat with new friends, or some quiet time with you & mother nature. 


Arrival Time

You are welcome to arrive at a convenient time to settle you and your horse in for your upcoming clinic. Facilities usually allow us access the day prior. I often aim to be at the venue the day prior from 4pm. If you need earlier access, please let me know & we can accommodate you. 


Departure Time

Clinics usually finish between 4 - 5pm on the last day. We understand you have travel and other responsibilities to get back too. If you need to leave early please just let Carmen know. Its strongly encouraged if you can stay for the full event, and to get the most out of your experience. 

You'll also be required to clean up your horses yard/stable upon departure & camping area if applicable.




Pat's 7 Keys to Success start with; Attitude, Knowledge, Tools, Technique, Time, Imagination & Support. These are all important along progressing your horsemanship journey