Photonic Health

Hope, Health, Harmony

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A note from Carmen

"I was first introduced to the Photonic Red Light during my time at the Parelli Campus in Colorado in 2005. Pat and Linda were using this therapy for both maintenance & any particular health conditions on their personal horses and our student lease horse herd.

We performed weekly/fortnightly sessions with horses as a maintenance program and of these 8 or 10 lease horses, rarely did we have health issues or vet call outs.

How does it work? There is an 'Assessment' first done on your horse that can show where he/she may be tense or sore and the equine body charts supplied share with you where this maybe connected to, from stifle, liver or gall bladder to teeth, saddle fit or stomach. Then we move onto the 'Wellness Points'. This is where we use the light to stimulate the bodies cells. These points are for general health & well being to help the bodies cells return to a healthy level of vibration for optimum health and performance. 

I also regularly use the light on myself to help with any pain or injuries and have found some great results. I am in no way a qualified practitioner, what I hope to do is share the knowledge I have gained and to help you understand how you can learn to do this yourself to help your horse be healthier, therefore giving us more peace of mind. The Photonic Red Light is truly an investment for our first aid kit"