Parelli Auditions Information

Auditions are a great way to progress through the Parelli Program and be awarded for your accomplishments. They are like mile markers, showing your progress through the Levels, and are a fun way to demonstrate your overall savvy, skills, and relationship with your horse.


Oftentimes, students get stuck because they do not have a way to measure their progress, and can then become uninspired and unmotivated. The audition program keeps you engaged by giving you tasks and challenges to achieve with your horse, and then celebrates your achievements as you reach each Level.

Auditions are available for Parelli Savvy Club members. They involve using the Seven Games to perform a few required compulsory tasks, and they are designed to allow you some free flow to use your imagination to show us what you can do with your horse.


Auditioning is one way to earn an official horsemanship certification in the Parelli Program; when all Savvys are passed at an appropriate Level, you are then awarded a special colored Savvy String, much like the black-belt system in martial arts:

Level 1: On Line – Red Savvy String
Level 2: On Line + FreeStyle – Blue Savvy String
Level 3: On Line + FreeStyle + Liberty – Green Savvy String
Level 4: On Line + FreeStyle + Liberty + Finesse – Black Savvy String

You can read more and watch some Parelli Auditions on the Parelli Website by clicking HERE

Below is the 'Information Packets' for your Auditions for each 'savvy' of the Parelli Program. These include information for Level 1 - 4.  So just think of the level you'd like to audition for and then download the packets below.
I would be honoured to assist you in your audition study and preparation.
Please let me know how I can support you on this journey!